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Does the internet pose a threat to marriages and marriage professionals?

A Dangerous Mindset


People and relationship dynamics haven’t changed much, but technology has changed greatly, and it has significantly affected where couples turn for help when they face difficulties. In the past, if you were experiencing a challenge in your relationship, you would first seek help from a professional clergy or counselor. You would look to a real person whose life experience and training might be able to provide some insight into your situation. While connecting with a marriage professional is still the best way to get help, increasingly people turn first to the Internet.

In the age of information, with so much knowledge available on the web, people assume they can find answers to just about any problem with a Google search. People wonder, “With the collective wisdom of the world now available on my smart phone, do I really need the help of a professional?” This mindset poses a serious danger for at least two reasons. First, as most of us know, anybody can post anything to the Internet, meaning that much of what is available there just isn’t true. In fact, much of it can be very damaging to a relationship.

The second concern is oversimplification. People are so diverse, and their problems are so multifaceted, that what might work in one situation could be devastating in another. Assuming that individuals can be objective enough to accurately assess and define their problem—a BIG assumption—how are they to know what will help their situation?

A Trend Unlikely to Change


The reality is that couples still need the help of trained and experienced marriage professionals. As “smart” as machines are becoming, they still can’t process the nuances of human experience. Still, it isn’t likely that the trend of people turning first to the Internet to look for help is going to reverse any time soon.

That’s why Marriage Improvement Tools is developing resources that utilize both the benefits of the Internet and the power of connecting people with real professionals.

A Viable Solution for Marriage Professionals and the Couples They Serve


The Relationship Health Score (RHS), a tool created by Marriage Improvement Tools, is a quick and easy-to-use web-based assessment available for free to the public via the Internet. The RHS combines a powerful relationship assessment with a directory of marriage professionals. This unique combination helps couples identify the weak points in their relationship and connects them with a real professional who can help.

Now couples who turn to the Internet looking for help in their relationship can find the reliable assistance they need.

How it works.

They Search


Individuals experiencing a difficulty in their relationship turn to the Internet looking for answers.

They Find


They find the, where they can take a clinically-supported relationship assessment that will give them informative insight into the health and functioning of their relationship.

They Connect


The individual is then connected with a local marriage professional or, if no local professional is available in their area, a national marriage ministry. The couple is given the marriage professional's information, and the marriage professional is provided with the couple's contact information and a copy of their assessment results.

They Get Help


The couple looks forward to hearing from the marriage professional who sponsored their assessment for a free follow-up consultation to review their assessment results. At the end of the free consultation, the couple has an opportunity to schedule follow-up sessions with the marriage professional with whom they’ve now established a relationship.

In addition to being a powerful referral tool, the assessment also provides solid insights into a couple’s marriage dynamics, making it easier to establish rapport with them. The site provides an innovative way for practitioners to track the couple's progress over the course of therapy, including outcome studies following termination. The tools under the professional's log-in help the counselor stay in contact with the couple by offering check-ups after the initial course of treatment is completed.


Marriage Improvement Tools is passionate about helping marriages succeed and battling the pandemic of divorce. We believe the best help available to couples in times of difficulty are well-trained and experienced marriage professionals. The Relationship Health Score provides a web-based tool that helps bridge the gap between couples who need help and the professionals who can help them.